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Basic Study and Clinical Application of Human Stem Cell Biology and Immunology:
Approaches Based on the Development of Experimental Animal ModelsJapanese Site
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Research program
Research program
  • Stem cell biology and regenerative medicine research:
    The aim of the program is to progress from basic research to clinical application in the following steps:
    Step 1:
    Development of stem cell isolation and culture technology and elucidation of the basic biological properties of stem cells
    Step 2:
    Stem cell biology research using disease models, and establishment of preclinical testing
    Step 3:
    Maintenance of a cell processing center and realization of regenerative medicine in preparation for implementation of cell therapy

  • Immunology, autoimmune disease, and infectious disease research using disease models in animals:
    The aim is to create animal models of autoimmune diseases and immunodeficiency by utilizing various genetically modified animals, to elucidate the pathogenetic mechanisms of autoimmune diseases and intractable infectious diseases from both a basic medicine standpoint and a clinical medicine standpoint, and to develop novel methods of treatment.
    Step 1:
    Development of autoimmune disease models in mice by utilizing a variety of genetically modified mice
    Step 2:
    Use of the murine disease models to elucidate their pathogenetic mechanisms
    Step 3:
    Use of murine models of autoimmune diseases to establish preclinical tests and to develop selective immunosuppressive therapies
    Step 4:
    Use of a variety of genetically modified mice to elucidate the pathology of intractable infectious diseases
    Step 5:
    Development of new treatment methods for autoimmune diseases and intractable infectious diseases based on interference with intracellular signal transmission systems
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