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Toshio Suda
Toshio Suda

Department of Cell Differentiation, Graduate School of Medicine,
Keio University

Born in 1949/8/27
Contact TEL : 03-5363-3473
FAX : 03-5363-3473
e-mail : sudato@sc.itc.keio.ac.jp
URL : http://web.sc.itc.keio.ac.jp/celldiff/
  Research activities in the COE program
  Mechanisms for the maintaining of "stemness"

The quiescent state is thought to be an indispensable property for the maintenance of hematopoietic stem cells (HSCs). The interaction of HSCs with their particular microenvironment, known as the stem cell niche, is critical for adult hematopoiesis in the bone marrow (BM). HSCs expressing the receptor tyrosine kinase Tie2 are quiescent and anti-apoptotic, and comprise a large proportion of side-population (SP) HSCs, which are surrounded by bone-lining osteoblasts in the adult bone marrow. We suggest that the Ang- 1/Tie2 signaling pathway plays a critical role in recruitment of stem cells to the BM niche, and maintains these cells in a quiescent state.
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