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Flow cytometry
Flow cytometry
Flow cytometry core facility - Stem cell practice teaching space

We have constructed a facility for stem cell isolation (a "flow cytometry core facility") that is available for use by COE members, within the framework of the "Basic Study and Clinical Application of the Human Stem Cell Biology and Immunology," portion of the COE Program instituted in 2003.
Associate Professor Matsuzaki of the Department of Physiology (administrator of this facility) and other members on the staff of the facility will support users of the facility who conduct studies involving flow cytometric cell analysis and isolation. We are prepared to provide opportunities for consultation, discussion, etc. Please feel free to contact us if you wish to consult us about which cells to isolate, how to prepare the cells, the dyes that are suitable for staining, or about the design or strategy of your research.
For the time being, this facility may be utilized only by COE members and individuals concerned. In the near future the facility will be available for use by individuals inside and outside Keio University, irrespective of whether they are connected with the COE. Even now, requests for consultation from individuals who are not COE members may be accepted if their research is closely related to our program.
  • Equipment available for use
    - FACS Vantage, MoFlo, FACS Calibur, J-SAN

  • How to Use the Facility?
    - Advance registration is required. Users will be registered with the user list, after the purpose and design of their research plan being checked.
    - Once potential users have determined the design or strategy of their research, they can access the web page to reserve a date and time for consultation. After determining that the time is open on the web page, inform us via E-mail of the date and time you desire.

  • Cost
    - Since this is a shared-use facility, the actual cost of management and maintenance of the facility and the charge for the time it is used will be borne by the user.

  • Contact
    - Yumi Matsuzaki
    9F (9N5), Institute of Integral Medical Research

    Tel: 03-5363-3117 ext: 63951 / Fax: 03-5363-3566
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