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Education program
Education program
  • Seminars and lectures will be conducted to familiarize graduate students with up-to-date concepts and knowledge.

    Special laboratory course: Introduction to the Patch-clamp Recording
    The patch-clamp method, for which a Nobel Prize was awarded in 1991, is a revolutionary method to record neuronal activities. This program aims to provide hands-on training for small number of people who wish to learn what can be done with this technique. Single channel recording from cells expressing normal and mutant form of receptors will be attempted.

  • Monthly unpublished data presentations "COEX MEETING" will be held for the purpose of information exchange among young investigators and promotion of joint research, and advanced graduate student and postdoctoral (PD) education will be supported.
  • A "Bioethics Course" is being offered.
  • Improvement of the teaching assistant (TA) system and research assistant (RA) system
  • Through the "Awarding of the Keio Medical Science Prize" by the Keio University Medical Science Fund and the project of holding international symposia, interchange between graduate students and truly top level investigators worldwide as well as joint research will be promoted, and human resources with an international perspective will be fostered.
  • A flow cytometry core facility will be established as a stem cell isolation and support facility; training courses centered on stem cell biology will be held; and cell analysis and isolation by flow cytometry, consultation services for users, and equipment management will be performed.
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